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Categoría Proyectos de estudiantes
Año 2017
País Czech Republic
Organización SPŠ Stavební Valašské Meziříčí Secondary School of Civil Engineering in Valasske Mezirici
Autor Pavla Sobotková, Adam Šimíček
Lugar de construcción -

Model „Lookout“ was created by Pavlína Sobotková and Adam Šimíček (both 18years old) – students of the branch Structural Engineering and Architecture of the Secondary School of Civil Engineering in Valasske Mezirici. Students were inspired by the emerging lookouts in the vicinity and interesting macros that program Tekla Structures offers – eg. S68 spiral staircase and a radial grid. Using these macros the students created the main vertical part of the tower – a tube with a spiral staircase. The students created another part of this lookout by their own design. They couldn´t solve and construct many intricate details and couldn´t calculate the statics of the structure, which would require better knowledge and experience. Students would like to use new experiences with program Tekla Structures at the college and later also in work..

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