BIM automation precast Tanks and Chambers

Construsoftbimawards - BIM automation precast Tanks and Chambers
Category Industrial Projects
Year 2017
Country Benelux
Organization Wagemaker
Author Wagemaker
Place of construction United Kingdom

In the beginning of 2016 an innovation minded engineering team from the department Virtual Design at Wagemaker (The Netherlands) was contacted by FP McCann and asked to develop automated engineering tools for a new product range within the FP McCann Group. The goal? That FP McCann can produce its first designs of the Large Sized Chambers and Tanks automatically and use the models for client and production benefits. These tanks are engineered with an automated design tool that combines Excel, Tekla Structures and a ERP system. Tekla is used to automatically generate the complete production ready BIM. Not only can FP McCann produce with the digital information of the models data like steering on machines, also this model can be used in communication with the clients. The automation has been set up so the sales team can fill in the parameters for their specific tank, which matches the most efficient way of production but respecting the clients wishes for the design. This results in a variety of more than 3.600.000.000.000 different possibilities of chambers. A programmed script makes it possible for the sales team to automatically generate the complete structural calculation, qoute, the production ready BIM in Tekla, the IFC, the bill of materials, the general arrangement drawings and the production drawings. Together with the team of Wagemaker and FP McCann we created a complete parametric BIM Automation that sets the worldwide standard in future BIM engineering automation.

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