Tekla BIM Awards 2020

Tekla BIM Awards 2020

International Tekla Structures project competition

International Tekla Structures project competition

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Voting takes place until June 12!

The voting has already started! Let´s choose the best projects. On this website, you will find the nicest Tekla models for each country. By voting for your favorite project you show your appreciation for the submitter of the project, its customers and the BIM-made structures.

The users of Tekla BIM software play an important role in the construction of many (often complex and sometimes even iconic) structures. Use of Tekla BIM software affects landscapes around the world. With the annual Tekla BIM Awards, we would like to express our appreciation towards our customers and share their success stories with the rest of the world. The submitted models show the versatility of Tekla BIM software.


Why it is worth to take part in Competition

Participating in the Tekla BIM Awards is a great opportunity to make your company and project team more visible. The competition has received more media attention from year to year, and the best projects from the local round go into a worldwide round.

The global winner of the Tekla Global BIM Awards is determined by the leading BIM experts not only from Trimble Solutions. The Tekla BIM Awards 2020 is organised by Construsoft, an authorised Tekla Structures vendor.

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