Hansfield Housing for Mulberryglen

Construsoftbimawards - Hansfield Housing for Mulberryglen
Category Commercial Projects
Year 2017
Country Portugal
Organization Shay Murtagh Precast
Author Delphi Architects
Place of construction Hansfield, Dublin

Handfield housing is a new neighborhood near Dublin, the first stage have 200 houses and 3 apartment blocks.The project is still under construction.
Completion is scheduled for December 2017.
The houses and the apartments are composite Precast Concrete and Timber framed structure.
The goal for us in this project was to save time in the production of precast panels, giving CNC´s and Drawing for Alcrete, our automatic factory.
Also, we coordinate the BIM models with others contractors.
The company started the implementation of BIM system early in 2016, in 1 year the developments in the process are very significative, helping the commercial team and give more detailed information to the factory.

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