London City Island – Phase 2 – block B

Construsoftbimawards - London City Island – Phase 2 – block B
Category Commercial Projects
Year 2017
Country Benelux
Organization Hurks Delphi Engineering
Author Hurks Delphi Engineering
Place of construction Hope St, Poplar, London

The Block B building is one of 10 residential towers of the London City Island project where 1750 apartments will be located as well as the National English Ballet. Block B is situated at the north side of the peninsula, at the entrance by bridge over the river Lea from Canning Town station. Together with block C -with matching design- it forms the gate to the project. The London City Island is known for its brickwork towers, in different types of colours and non-rectangular shapes.

With 23 storeys block B houses commercial units on ground floor and apartments above, ending with a 2 storey high penthouse, surrounded by a 2 storey collonade structure, the so-called stonehenge. The precast structure, containing inner walls, stairs & landings, prestressed floorslabs and steel beams, is built up from a insitu transferslab. The facade exits of truly unique 1,8 m1 deep loadbearing sandwich brickwork elements, creating a complete inset balcony within each element. The in-situ structure at ground floor level is cladded with single skin elemenets after being waterproofed and insulated. The stonehenge at penthouse level exits of sandwich brickwork columns and brickwork beams, opening up the top of the building and having the penthouses set back within it.

The special elements of this project are the 1,8 m1 deep precast sandwich brickwork panels including the 1,20 m1 deep inset balconies.

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