Roof busstation with solar energy

Construsoftbimawards - Roof busstation with solar energy
Category Small Scale Projects
Year 2017
Country Benelux
Organization Wopereis Staalbouw
Author Wopereis Staalbouw
Place of construction Doetinchem

Sustainability is a form of corporate social responsibility which is something Wopereis wants to incorporate in their own projects to contribute to a green and sustainable planet and future.
A nice example of a sustainable project from Wopereis is a recently built construction at the bus station in Doetinchem. With the combination of the thermal galvanized steel construction with 160 integrated solar panels in glass, Doetinchem has gained a sustainable spot where people can wait for their bus to arrive while sheltered from the elements.
The energy delivered by the solar panels is used to power public areas and objects such as street lighting. Passenger at the bus station can see the energy produced by the solar panels on a display to make them more aware of the importance of solar energy. Doetinchem wants to embrace the sustainable approach on things and is looking for ways to become more energy sufficient. The construction made by Wopereis contributes to this matter.
The design and the integrated solar panels were conducted and managed by Wopereis. The combination of the slim pillars, the glass roof with the solar panels and the placement of the cables give it an open feeling.
The construction is designed with Tekla Structures and generated at the workplace. The exchange of the BIM-files with the ordering party Gemeente Doetinchem, the constructor Bartels and the contractor Reusen went very smoothly. By using the BIM there were no question marks form either party’s. The bottlenecks were quickly resolved and therefor no major problems occurred during the building process.
The build began by starting with the foundation of the construction at the end of January. By the beginning of March all the construction work had been done and the solar panels were connected to deliver their power to the energy grid. On april 10th the mayor of Doetinchem officially opened the new busstation in Doetinchem.

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