Submitting stage is over

You can vote for the projects from May 26, 2021.

It’s almost time to cast your vote on your favorite model of the BIM Awards! With your vote, you show appreciation to the project owner and help your favorite model reach a spot in the global finale. Check out all the submitted projects, images, and drawings and read about these projects’ creation.

Tekla BIM software has a significant impact on the construction industry, thanks to our customers. They play an essential role in constructing challenging and impressive buildings, and to express our appreciation for their hard work, we organize the Construsoft Tekla BIM Awards. During this competition, Tekla users can showcase their projects to the entire world and tell their stories. Besides enormous amounts of attention in the media, the participants are also in the race to win one of the many great prizes. You can vote on 26 May.

Tekla Global BIM Awards is determined by the leading BIM experts, not only from Trimble Solutions. The Tekla BIM Awards 2021 is organized by Construsoft, an authorized Tekla Structures vendor.