Square de Meeus

Construsoftbimawards - Square de Meeus
Category Commercial Projects
Year 2017
Country Benelux
Organization d-Concrete!
Author Assar & stedec
Place of construction Brussel

This project concerns the production and erection of the prefab elements of an office building in the heart of Brussels with 3 underground levels and 9 levels above zero. The range of applied prefab products is quite large: hollow core slabs, shuttering slabs, reinforced beams, prestressed beams, twin walls, load-bearing walls, round columns, rectangular columns, staircases and landings. As if this was not challenging enough, the structure had been originally conceived as cast in place concrete with little or no opening to prefab concrete. Nevertheless we succeeded in developing a complete prefab variant with a minimum amount of formwork to be placed by the general contractor.
For the erection of the building we had to look closely to the capacity of the crane, which could lift only 12 tons. In the Tekla model we could easily monitor this and decide which walls needed to be split in two or more pieces.
To get all the elements just in time on the building site, the production in four different production locations had to be coordinated with the progress of the erection team.

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