P+R Zuthphen

Construsoftbimawards - P+R Zuthphen
Kategorie Projekte von öffentlichem Interesse
Jahr 2017
Land Benelux
Organisation Tekenburo Hoogenboom
Verfasser Tekenburo Hoogenboom
Ort des Bauwerkes Zutphen

The steel structure for this project was detailed in Tekla Struktures 20.0. The challenge was the two round towers. The profiles for these towers are not easy to model. The end of each profile is twisted a little, the challenge was to keep it as close to the radius and slope as possible. Total structure is well over 440tons of steel. The parking lot holds 375 cars and over 600 bicycles. There are staircases, fences, elevators and thousands of holes for the connection of the wooden elements on the outside of the building. Each bolt in the outside of the towers is drawn one by one.

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