NGK – Budynek Produkcyjno – Magazynowy Z Obiektem Biurowo-Socjalnym w Dąbrowie Górniczej

Construsoftbimawards - NGK – Budynek Produkcyjno – Magazynowy Z Obiektem Biurowo-Socjalnym w Dąbrowie Górniczej
Category Industrial Projects
Year 2017
Country Poland
Organization Kuban i Salak - pracownia konstrukcji budowlanych sp. z o. o.
Place of construction Dąbrowa Górnicza

Building was designed as reinforced concrete – steel skeleton structure. Dimensions of building in plan are 126x270m. Building has different heights of individual functional areas, maxium height of attic is +17,30m.
Stability of the building is assured by reinforced concrete columns, which are restrained in foundations. Hall main columns at space of 18x18m, 18x23m and 9x12m were designed as precast reinforced concrete with dimensions 60x60cm and 50x50cm. Intermediate columns in firewall were designed as precast reinforced concrete with dimensions 40x40cm. Elevation wind columns were deisgned as steel.
In building were designed 3 intermediate slabs. In the office building at level +4,30 in axes A-A1/1-11 and in the main hall at level +7,00 in axes A-L/12-16 and at level +11,00 in axes F-L/12-16. Slabs were designed as precast reinforced concrete. As support for slab hollow panels were designed precast reinforced concrete beams. Because of dimensions of slabs, the expansion joints were designed. Slab panels were designed as precast prestressed concrete hollow panels HC320 and HC500, supported on the beams. Spans of the panels are 12m and 4,5m in office part. In the slabs are main beams with dimensions 90x90cm, 90x110cm, 60x90cm, 50x80cm and edge beams with dimensions 40x70cm, 30x60cm.
Main roof structure are lattice girders with length 6m, 9m, 18m i 23m, which are hinged supported on the reinforced concrete columns. Lattice purlins with length 9m, 12m, 13m, 17m, 18m and 24m at spaces of 3m are hinged supported on the lattice girders. In the plane of the roof bar cross braces were designed. On the lattice purlins a roof trapezoidal sheet will be supported.
Total weight of designed steel objects, which constitutes with devices a part of processing line is 1180 tons. The scope of work includes static calculations, workshop and assembly documentation.
Thanks to the Tekla Structure software and the company working approach, Kuban i Salak was able to include all the special request of general contractor without any significant impact on the project schedule. Under the link, there are movies from construction site received from general contractor – Kajima Poland sp. z o. o.

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