De Stordeur

Construsoftbimawards - De Stordeur
Category Industrial Projects
Year 2017
Country Benelux
Organization d-Concrete!
Author Edibo NV & Architeam
Place of construction Leuven

For the project “De Stordeur” in Leuven, d-CONCRETE! provided the concrete beams, columns (rectangular and round), slabs and TTP’s. The project is a collaboration between a General Contractor (specialized in steel construction) and three Clients. These Clients will each execute their own speciality in this building (executed in 5 phases) when it is finished, namely: one will have a liquor business, the other a garage and the last a climbing hall.
The building itself consists for 35 % of steel and for 65 % of concrete. Seen as the General Contractor is specialized in steel construction, we have collaborated conscientiously with him in order to make the project a success! This collaboration consisted mainly in the exchange of our Tekla models and frequent mutual deliberation.
Seen as the site is situated next to a canal, we had different building materials delivered by water (beams and slabs).
The following is quite remarkable: one climbing hall with a climbing wall of 18 metres high starts at 13 metres from the ground and another climbing hall with a climbing wall of 11 metres high starts on 20 metres from the ground.
Because the garage (+ parking roof) is situated on the first level, we also elaborated an escalator and an access ramp in our BIM-model!

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